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Multicultural Line


NOTE: Earrings normally ship on French ear wires.
 If you prefer clip-ons, please e-mail us
 at Artinheaven@juno.com with special requests
  after your order has been placed.


EMC250 - $12
EMC251 - $12
African-American Kids
EMC252 - $12
EMC253 - $12
Native-American  Kids
EMC254 - $12
Caucasian      Kids
P146 - $15
Babies -         Triplets
P147 - $8
Baby in a Blanket
P148 - $12
Crawling    Baby
PM149 - $25
Multicultural Kids A
PM150 - $25
Multicultural Kids B
PM151 - $25
Multicultural Kids C
PM152 - $25
Multicultural Kids D
PM153 - $25
Multicultural Kids E
MN154 - $25
Multicultural Necklace

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