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Monarch and Karner Blue Butterfly Jewelry Line


Made with clay and Love !!

Thank you for your interest in the Karner Blue and Monarch butterfly collection. This exclusive line of jewelry was designed by award winning Clayologist Ruth Breitenbach. Ruth grew up on the fringes of the Pine Bush in Schenectady, New York, one of the habitats of the endangered Karner Blue butterfly. These dime-sized creatures live as an adult for only four days. Ruth carefully researched the species and its habitat, to create an accurate representation of the butterfly. Ruth took the same care with her beautiful Monarch butterfly jewelry. Teachers love this collection for its accuracy and detail, to help teach about the different butterflies.

E119 - $15
Monarch Butterfly
E120 - $15
Monarch Life-Cycle


E129- $12
P043 - $25
Monarch Life-Cycle Pin
P044 - $10
Monarch Adult Pin
  P043 - $15
Monarch Wings
K01 - $25
Karner Blue Life-Cycle Pin
K04 - $12
Karner Blue

K02 - $15
Pin Save the Karner Blue
E275 -$15
Karner Blue Wings


Small Butterfly & leaf pin

Karner Blue 
K03 - $12
Karner Blue
K05 - $12
Karner Blue 


N078 - $12
N086 - $12
Pastel Buterfly

 NOTE: Earrings normally ship on french ear wires.
 If you prefer clip-ons, please email us
 at Artinheaven@juno.com with special requests
  after your order has been placed.




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All Jewelry Designs Copyright © 1975-2014 by Ruth Breitenbach. All Rights Reserved.